shut up nerd

i'm khiande and i like my coffee as bitter as my disposition towards life.
{18 | cis | queer | black | ISFP}

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help me pay for school!


i mean im not defending dahee but did u ever think about why she needed that money so badly………… how was she supposed to earn a living when her agency kept her and her group completely inactive for more than a year….. just saying………..




if u wanna talk to me & are shy because u think ur bothering me

pls do it

i’m not cool or popular

i’m a sad lonely meme


asexuals will win the skeleton war because we won’t be distracted by anyone’s bone titties



If you’d rather go to a club than a museum, you deserve to be unhappy.

museum? what the fuck is in a museum? they got bitches in museums? alive bitches?


the hello kitty franchise is kind of the best brand shes just been out there encouraging young people to craft and bake and be cute for the past 40 years making billions of dollars per year with zero advertising and you know why? look at that little face. just look at her little fucking face i want to throw my money right at her feet i fucking love hello kitty 

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